[MAP] stands for Monument Avenue Park, a neighborhood in the northwest corner of the City of Richmond. The Monument Avenue Park Civic Association boundaries are set by four main roads, Monument Avenue, Westmoreland Avenue, Broad Street and Staples Mill Road. The association was created by [MAP] neighbors in 2017 to enhance community pride, support civic improvements, and create opportunities to meet and spend time with each other enjoying the many reasons we love living here.

The purpose of the Association is to enhance and preserve values within the subdivision of the City of Richmond, known as Monument Avenue Park by all proper means, including, but not limited to, the encouraging of a sense of individual and community pride and obligation in the ownership of property in Monument Avenue Park, initiating or supporting  such programs and undertakings as may serve to enhance and maintain property values in Monument Avenue Park particularly or as part of the surrounding community, and opposing programs and undertakings inimical thereto; to promote sociability for its members; provide a means to foster resident safety and civic improvement; provide a forum to respond to issues of common concern and further the interests of the neighborhood.

Board of Directors of Monument Avenue Park Civic Association

Zac Walker, President

Phil Riddle, Vice President

Treasurer, Burke Willard

Secretary, Rob Andrejewski

Events, Karen Berndt and Jennie Daley

Welcome, Judy Dyson, Tammy Gomer, Mike Gray

Newsletter, Jerry Williams

Social Media, Ashley Walker